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Retep Folo - "Galactic Sounds"

LP, Limited Edition of 700 copies, Clay Pipe Music (23rd March, 2018)

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Red Vinyl with download code in sleeve.
700 Hand numbered copies.
Reverse Card Sleeve.
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”The results are rather wonderful, each one of the 16 tracks, most no longer than two minutes, suffused with a playful simplicity and child-like beauty. It's a pure shot of retro futurism as an innocent dream, an enchanted vision of the past.” - Shindig

”A series of 16 often joyful soundscapes and playful sonic riddles, mainly driven by vintage keys and synths evoking that wonder of the universe many of us begin to engage with in childhood and often retain throughout the rest of our lives.
Part reminiscence, part homage to 70’s library music and part futuristic hymnal musical adventure.” - Active Listener


Born in 1972, on the Swedish west coast, and collecting minerals and stones as child, I got in contact with music at a quite early age. When I was 4 I became part of one of my older brothers interest in playing/creating music, but also in recording the music he/we was about to create. This was around 1976, and between 1976-1982 we recorded around 250-300 tracks. Documented on 25-30 cassettes.

As a teenager I discovered all sorts of obscure experimental/electronic music in the 80's. And at this time when it was still possible to borrow vinyl records at the local library, I also began to show interest in contemporary piano music. And then when I first heard Pascal Rogé play the music by Erik Satie, I decided to start taking piano lessons myself.

Retep Folo is the anagram of my real name Peter Olof. It is a game of letters... I got the idea back in the late 90's, when I read about the German post-industrial band Cranioclast, who's album titles are mostly anagrams created from their own name . And I thought... why not.

Rolf Opete, Profet Leo, Proof El Te are other "anagrams" of Peter Olof that I have worked with throughout the years. All with a different sound from each other, and a different version of myself.

In the beginning of 2010 I got the idea of trying to record one piece of music/day. I called this way of working and creating music "Musical Croquis". Those pieces could last anything long from 15 seconds up to 15 minutes. I managed to have the discipline to have that workflow for a while. But then I noticed the dishes started to pile up, so I decided to put the "One-composition-per-day-idea" on ice.

In 2014-2015 I came to a decision to start up an own DIY record label - HÖR Records. A label to which I could add and, when I could afford to do so, release most of the projects I have been involved with throughout the years. Solo as well as other projects. In very Limited Editions. It resulted in a first release in 2016 - "Music For Cats" (2016)". A Lathe Cut 8" Square Shaped Picture Disc containing 4 tracks, and with a included 11-tracks CDr, and 3 added "Cat Stickers", in a Limited Edition of 20 copies. The music on this recording was mainly inspired by the sounds of Joe Meek & The Blue Men, F.C Judd, Ruth White, Bruce Haack and Jean Jaques Perrey.


Retep Folo - "Music For Cats"

"8" Lathe Cut, Square Shaped Picture Disc + CDR & 3 Cat Stickers, Limited Edition of 20 copies, HÖR Records ‎– HÖR00001LEPDCD/20 (October 2016)

In 2016 I got in contact with Frances Castle; Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Musician and Record Company owner of the fantastic London based label Clay Pipe Music. This contact with Frances have led to the release of my second album "Galactic Sounds", that will be released as LP, in a Limited Edition of 700 hand numbered copies in Red Vinyl, and with included download code. It will also be available Digital through Spotify, iTunes etc… 

Purchase this LP, and/or music from any of the other great artists released on the Clay Pipe Music label, such as Gilroy Mere, Vic Mars, Sharron Kraus, Jon Brooks (Advisory Circle, The Belbury Circle on Ghost Box Records etc..), Tyneham House, Alasdair Roberts & James Green, and Frances Castle's own project The Hardy Tree

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Retep Folo - Selected Work / Unreleased


The Owl Report


Ester Elster

Ester Elster - 22Schmattes22jpg

Ester Elster - "Schmattes"
CDr, Limited Edition of 50 copies, Reverbworship - RW 179 (2012)

Reverb Worship




(front / rear)


Exhadley - "Exhadley"

CDr, Limited Edition of 70 copies, Psychic Malmö - PSYKE004 (January 2009) 

Exhadley - "Exhadley" (Psychic Malmö - Bandcamp)